Monday, March 15, 2010

Jade's surgery

And Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee.  Numbers 12:13

I apologize to all of you who have followed our story.  I long to be able to sit and share everything we are doing more often but I am not juggling the daily things really well lately.  Blogging unfortunately is getting put on the back burner.  This will be a very overdue post.

On March 2nd, Jade was scheduled for surgery on her ears. We have been battling what we thought was impacted wax since we got home.  When I took her to an ENT, he diagnosed her with having keratomas in both her ears as well as wax.  Keratomas in the ear are typically caused by an untreated ear infection that has caused the tympanic membrane (ear drum) to rupture.  He couldn't tell if this was the cause or not because the ear canal was filled by the cyst and wax so he couldn't see the tympanic membrane.

Sometimes, these cysts will grow in the middle ear and wrap themselves around the bones that are used for hearing.  If that was the case, they would have to be removed.  My prayer for my baby girl was that He just keep her hearing intact.  With vision challenges, she so heavily relies on her hearing.  She doesn't look at me to see what I am feeling.  She does it by the slightest change in my tone of voice.  Because of her need to keep her hearing, I took her to our church for prayer one Saturday night.  I just wanted the surgery to be successful.

The doctor who diagnosed her was the same one who performed her surgery.  Right before he went in, he spoke to me about the fact that he may have to do a graft on her tympanic membrane.  If it had ruptured, this would be expected.  I had full peace as they took her in that God was in control.  I never expected the doctor to come out so quickly though.

When he came back out, he informed me and my parents that the cysts were not there!  NOT THERE!  They were gone!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  All he had to remove was impacted wax!  The tympanic membrane was intact and there was no fluid in her ears.  God, you are soooooo good!

This story has been one that I have loved to tell!  I NEVER asked for the miracle of healing but He gave it.  Many have heard the story and said "so the cysts were never in there in the first place."  NOPE!  They were there.  "So how does that work?"  GOD!  He has the healing power to touch someone and remove cysts that were as hard as a wall from two small ear canals and leave only the wax.  Had the doctor who had done the surgery been a different doctor than who had diagnosed it, we would never have been sure.  HE made sure it was the same one.  There is NO DOUBT that GOD'S HAND did this mighty work!  No man...just GOD!

My prayer for her all along is that He use her in mighty ways for His kingdom.  This is just one more testimony of his work in her life.  The sad thing is, I never even thought to ask for healing.  I didn't pray for that.  One friend of mine said to me that I needed to be praying bigger than I was.  He was right.  Someone was praying for that healing and it was in God's plan.  He doesn't always heal.  Sometimes our journeys through the pain without healing is our testimony.  He knows how He plans on using us in this life so He allows in the things that will prepare us as we each need.  I am just so blessed that Jesus intercedes for us and asks for what we need from God the Father.  Thank you Jesus for all you do in my life and in my daughter's. 


LBC said...

This is awesome! Yay, God!

Unknown said...

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I wanted to introduce myself. I am fairly new to blogging, but have enjoyed chatting and learning from other Sisters of Christ by blogging..
I have enjoyed browsing through your post and hope you will take a moment to visit mine .
Have a blessed day, I will be back to visit again soon..

Unknown said...

I don't know if your name is Dawn Rittenhouse but I would like to thank you for visiting the Jiangjin SWI in 2006. I have just viewed your pictures you posted from there and have been able to spot 7 pictures of our daughter. Were you dressed as a clown? If possible, could you reply to us? Our email is

Redeemedmama said...

Dawn, if you still read could you please email me at My name is Tammy Brenn and I am advocating for Cameron from Shepherd's Field. He is a little boy with Treacher Collins. He is now 6, so please email me back if you ever see this. thank you so very much, blessings, tammy